Thursday, March 17, 2011

Welcome to our new home!

We are so happy we decided to move, I can't even count how many things are so much nicer in this house. I worked really really hard painting, bargain shopping, and decorating for this place. I want to document all this hard work, so I'm gonna take you through a little tour of our house, one room at a time!

So here we go.....


Pulling up in our driveway, you'll see Phoebe to your left, peeking out the window to see who is coming. Then you'll see her freak out at the window when she realizes she has a visitor. There will be lots of tail-wagging, jumping, and if she really likes you, maybe even a bit of tinkle.

When you walk into the house, you'll see Phoebe's bench. Purchased especially for her, it's just the perfect height for her to monitor and give her disapproval of every dog that dares to walk by her house. 

(Anyone know how to get wrinkles out of silk curtains? I started to steam them then I got scared!)

Straight ahead, you'll see my bright blue desk! Yes, it's really THAT blue! I painted it myself. :)
I love the luxury of having somewhere to keep my Mac when I'm not using it (besides the coffee table). I hung a few clipboards covered in scrapbooking paper to display cards, bills, mail, etc. If I ever get around to the bajillion scrapbooking projects I have on my list, this is where it'll happen. 

So, that's the "entryway" of our house. I'll continue with the rest of the living room soon. 

Hope you guys will enjoy seeing our new home, but if you don't, we are enjoying the house enough for everyone. :)

Super Bowl and Snow!

(Obviously written right after the super bowl, but I forgot to post.)

I can NOT BELIEVE it's already February. Which means, Super Bowl time! We weren't huge fans of the Steelers or the Packers, but we thought it'd be fun to have a few people over and show them our new house! I've been working all month to paint, decorate, and fix up our new house. Finally, the house is almost like I want it!

My first "real party" went pretty well! I fixed lots of food which everyone seemed to enjoy, and the game was entertaining, right down to the botched national anthem.

 More pics of the house to come soon!

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