Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I apologize for the lack of posts lately. I don't have an excuse, except for the fact that I haven't felt like posting, so I didn't :)

If I were going to make excuses for not posting, many of them would involve The Hunger Games (The rest would involve this cold a.k.a. the crud which can only be blamed on the recent crazy weather changes). I finally got around to reading the series over the past week! On my list of favorite book series, they are definitely after Harry Potter and Twilight, but they were a very enjoyable read. I think I might even read them again soon- sometimes I appreciate things more on the second time around. I'm very excited about the movies- I have a feeling they will be better than the books!

My pre-ordered Nike Fuelband came in the mail last week. If you haven't heard about it, it's basically a pedometer/calorie counter/watch all-in-one. You set a goal of how much "Fuel" you want to burn each day, and it uses all kinds of fancy math to calculate it. You can keep track of all of your data online and on an iPhone app (I LOOOVE tracking data/calories/steps/anything, especially when I don't have to do anything except wear this band. That's the lazy nerd in me). I'm really liking it so far- you really have to work to meet your goal, and it helps to keep you accountable. I'm hoping this will motivate me to take more walks, do more yoga, and do some strength training in addition to running. 

I'm loving this post of  by one of my favorite bloggers, Valerie. Her and a friend asked their husbands 11 questions about themselves, their answers were so cute! It made me wonder what Brandon would say about me.... Except instead of just having him write it down, I argued with his answers and put in my 2 cents. 

1. Where do you see us in ten years?
B: Let's see.. in ten years, we'll be 36 and 37? 
A: I'm not 27, I'm 26!
B: Right, but you are almost 27. Heck, you are almost 30!
A: (He enjoys teasing me about my age, since he is 1 year younger than I am. It was cute when we were 20. Not so much now.)
B: I hope we'll be living in a cozy house close to Chickasaw, hopefully still running, and chasing a couple of rug-rats around the house and backyard. 

2. If I won $1,000, what do you think I would do with it?
B: Well, I imagine you'd try to give some of it to me to spend. Then you'd go shopping. Online, probably.
A: You don't think I'd save any of it? And I don't just go shopping randomly! I always have a plan for income and know exactly where it's going.
B: Not if it was just given to you! That's free money!
A: I'll take note of this in case I ever win $1,000. 

3. What one thing would I would save if our house was burning?
B: Me.
A: Besides you.
B: Phoebe
A: Something non-living.
B. Your computer. 
A: Absolutely. Plus my camera. 

4. If you checked the browser history on your my computer, which website would show up the most?
B: Either Pinterest or Google Reader

5. Complete this sentence: My wife has more ______ than anyone I know.
B: Clothes

6. How long does it take your wife to get ready to go out (in minutes)?
B: 45
A: That's a lie! It takes me 30, tops. 
B: Not if you start counting when you say "We have to start getting ready now", and then spend 15 more minutes on your computer before getting in the shower. 

7. What one item in the house do you make sure your wife NEVER runs out of?
B: Cereal
A: Haha! I knew you would say that!

8. If you compared me to a zoo animal, which would I be and why?
B: I guess a monkey. Because you do what you want, whenever you want. And if someone wants to do that with you, cool. If not, they can get over it. 
A: (You make me sound like an awesome person...)

9. Fill in the blanks: When my wife wants to_____, I want to _____.
B. Leave the restaurant, I want to stay and eat her leftovers.

10. Your favorite thing I cook for you is...?
B: Anything. Because you never cook. 
A: (I'm a really great person to live with. This is most likely the reason he must stay at restaurants and scavenge for leftovers.)

11. If I'm in a bad mood, all my wife needs to do is_____to cheer me up.
B: Let me have some space for 5 minutes, then give me kisses

After this little exercise, I love my husband for loving me. Because even though I never cook, I shop way too much, I'm very independent and a little stubborn, he loves me anyways. :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I've been trying really hard to drink plain, regular (filtered) tap water, but sometimes I just need a Revive. I swear, these things make me feel so much better instantly- if I'm sick, tired, thirsty- whatever- they solve all of those problems.

Anyone who knows me, or who has ever talked to my husband about me knows that I love cereal. I eat it for breakfast EVERY morning, and sometimes dinner, too. Sometimes, Brandon even offers to make me a real breakfast or dinner, but I choose to eat cereal instead. Well people- I have a new favorite.

Mix these two new cereals together, and you have a healthy-ish version of Reese's Puffs Cereal, my friends. Yum-me. 

Have you guys ever noticed how fun the cleaning isles at Target are? Ok, maybe they aren't fun for everyone... but I love to walk through them all, trying to find some new cool cleaning stuff that I totally need. And that's how I found this baby:

We have a cat and a dog, and I HATE sweeping more than I hate cleaning the toilet (even though I don't really mind cleaning the toilet because I have this-

also found in the Target cleaning section)
Anyways, the SweeperVac baby pretty much eliminates the need to sweep, like, ever.  And I'm loving that. 

I'm loving running lots these days. It makes me feel so much better, makes me so much happier. I am not loving this weather so much (yes, I'm whining about the weather again), but hopefully that will change soon. 
Source: via Allie on Pinterest

I'm also loving my husband. Lots. I'm so thankful to have him, and so lucky that he is so good to me. I had to work 11 hours on V-day, so we're gonna go on a date this weekend.  Exciting times for us!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Run for Sherry Arnold

It was ridiculously cold outside yesterday. As in the high was in the 30's. I had such high hopes all week that since this was my 4-day weekend, it would be gorgeous weather and I would run every day.

Not even close.

So, I've been a wimp and hadn't gotten out there yet- until yesterday.

All around the country yesterday, runners were dedicating their runs to Sherry Arnold, a wife, mother, teacher and runner who went out for a run on the morning of January 7th and never returned. Her story has affected us all- she was just someone trying to get out and do something good for herself, (in a small town, only about a mile from her house) and became the victim of a random and senseless crime.

It was freezing cold- about 32* with a wind chill that made it feel more like 20-something. We didn't go far, but we made ourselves get out there for her.

Surprisingly, we passed 4 other runners in the neighborhood. I was shocked that so many people were out in that weather, but I like to think that they were out there for Sherry as well.

It makes me really angry that we can't even go out for a daily jog without having to worry about stuff like this happening. I've thought about it a lot lately, and I've decided to only thing I can do when I run by myself is make sure people know where I am, when I should be back, and run in the safest (and thankfully, most gorgeous) neighborhood around. I also never run in dawn/dusk/dark on my own. I'm not going to let the fear of idiot criminals take away one of the things in life that bring me so much joy.

I'm really glad Brandon went with me today. As much as I love to run on my own, having him there kept me going longer than I would have on my own (I might have gotten out of the car and then right back in if he hadn't been there).

I hope Sherry felt all of the footsteps taken in her memory today. May she rest in peace. 

Saturday, February 11, 2012

365: Week 5 and Week 6

I've been slacking on Project 365 (hence the double week post). Cheating, more specifically. Instead of taking a picture everyday, sometimes I take 2 or 3 and use them for other days where I'm too busy. I'm ok with cheating on this, though, so you have to be ok with it too. :)

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hey Girl

Since this is my long weekend and Brandon just finished one of his big tests, I hit up our local Redbox for a few movies. When we were deciding which one to watch first, Brandon commented, "Two of the movies you rented have that Gosling dude in them."

Exactly. And?

See, Brandon didn't understand that every single girl in the world fell in love with Ryan Gosling after watching The Notebook. Noah was the perfect guy- he was sweet, sensitive, loyal, and adorable.

Apparently that love for Ryan, just like their love in The Notebook, has lasted. A popular trend on Pinterest is the "Hey Girl" Ryan Gosling Pins. They always make me laugh.

Or swoon.

Okay, both. I laugh and swoon.

So, after educating Brandon on all of this, I think he gets it. Even though I swoon a little over Ryan Gosling and Noah, I'm very lucky to have found my real life Noah. Our story may not be as dramatic as Noah and Allie's story, but Brandon is just as sweet, sensitive and loyal to me as Noah was to Allie.

 Of course, all of that will soon be history. Because he will probably murder me for this.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Braving the Weather

Even when it's only 35* outside. 

Yes, that's right.... I ran yesterday when it was only 35*. I'm very proud of myself, since my normal "limit" is 40*. But the weather predicted it would be 40* by the time I had to be out the door, which was 8:00am, and there I was, dressed and ready to go. And it was only 35*. 

The main reason I'm so happy about this is it makes me totally hardcore  last year, I took a very long running break during winter, which caused me to lose a lot of the progress I had made. I promised myself I wouldn't let that happen again this year. 

So, I've been fanatically checking the weather, planning to go out when the weather is at it's "best" and so stinking grateful that this has been such a mild winter. Now, I'm crossing my fingers that February is equally as mild, and it's all downhill from there. I long for the warm weather, the sun, the sweat, even if it is 95* in a Memphis summer. Oooo, I also cannot wait for daylight savings time. I need more daylight in my running schedule life in general. 

So my point is, that I've kept my promise to myself.  I ran 15 times in January! It feels good to broaden my running-weather limits. With my work schedule, and the fact that I can't run by myself when it's dark (due to safety reasons), having less stringent weather conditions helps me get out there more often. Last week, I even ran in the rain. Ok, ok, it was only 1.5 miles, but I did it!

P.S. Does it still make me just a little bit angry that this morning, when I can't run because I work the early shift, it was already 44* by 6am? 

A little. 

P.P.S.S. Am I totally jealous of SR since she lives in California and thinks 49* is too cold for running? 


Friday, February 3, 2012

A Day In Photos

Monday was quite possibly the best day ever.
I stayed in bed with Phoebe and Brandon for a bit, reading on my iPad.
Kelly and I went to go for a run, and the weather was absolutely beautiful! 
We dashed over to our favorite nail spot for a quick shellac manicure.
Then, we hit the jackpot at the Nike Outlet. 
Meanwhile, the husband got his new shoes in the mail. He was so excited, he sent me a pic. 
Kelly and I took Anniston our for her first stroll in the BOB. 
I swear the kid likes me, even though it may not appear so in this pic. :)
I came home to find free goodies had come in the mail from St. Jude for being a hero. 
The boys were playing cards- and offered to take me out! 
Phoebe and I played and cuddled while the boys primped and got ready. 
Please excuse my husband's inability to take a photograph. 
We went to our fav restaurant, R.P. Tracks, and to see The Grey. Because Liam Neeson is awesome. 
I went to bed a happy girl!

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