Allison + Brandon

Brandon and I have been married for almost four years now. 

I recently graduated pharmacy school, and Brandon is going back to PT school. We live in Memphis, TN with the sweetest dog named Phoebe and an evil cat named Carl.

I love my job as a pharmacist. I love helping people. I love my beautiful niece, Anniston. You will see lots of pictures and bragging about her. Lots of pictures, in general. Some good, some terrible iPhone pics. I love to shop- mainly at J.Crew and occasionally Kate Spade. I can't pass up a good item at Target though. I also love to run, especially when it's pretty outside. I actually only run outside, since I hate the treadmill. I love to read- I've read Harry Potter (all 7) almost 3 times now. I love reading blogs and magazines too. I love lazy days with my husband.

That's pretty much what this blog is about- me, my life, and all of the things I love. 

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