Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Annie and Aunt Allie's Day of Fun!

Brandon was there too, but it was still Annie and Allie day. 

Anniston is just getting over a stomach bug, so I kept her all day Tuesday instead of taking her to her regular babysitter. It was so nice to have a full day with her all to myself. 

We practiced sitting up in her bumbo. She's a total pro now. 

We ate, and took a nap...

We watched some Dora the Explorer (or really I sang the songs and she laughed at me), sang and danced to Pandora lullaby station, watched Brandon play piano...

And then slept some more

I'm thinking this "Annie and Aunt Allie Day" is going to have to happen AT LEAST once a month now...

Monday, March 26, 2012

Our Ceremony

I've never blogged about our wedding, and while I don't want to bore you with 2 dozen pictures, I do want to document it on here. I thought the link-up party this week was the perfect opportunity.

Brandon and I were engaged in the Summer of 2008, and we knew right away we didn't want a big ceremony. We were still in school, broke, and just not into making a big deal out of it. 

We were a little sneaky.... we invited our best friends and family to my sister's house for our "engagement party" in October (our favorite month of the year) of 2008, but then we popped out ready for the actual wedding! 

Mouths dropped, and tears started to fall, since no one was prepared for the emotions of a ceremony. 

Well, Brandon was prepared for it, in that he knew it was coming, but he still cried more than anyone else (except his Dad, I think).

It was a short ceremony, of course. Afterwards, we had music and food, and everyone sat around the fire talking and having a wonderful time. 

We felt so fortunate that all of our favorite people we there, and we were able to have such a relaxed, enjoyable night! 

Looking back, I don't think either of us would change a thing. Everyone had a good time, there was almost no stress, and now we are happily ever after!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Weekend I Met Bart Yasso

So, way back in the day (or about two years ago) I read a lil book called "My Life On The Run" by Bart Yasso. He tells amazing stories about his adventurous life- how he has traveled the world doing races, met tons of amazing people, and is now pretty much living the life. He didn't grow up running, either- he started in his twenties! Reading his book was the last push I needed at the time to start running. I told Brandon about how I wanted to travel the world to see all of these amazing places while running, too! After some encouragement from Brandon,  I went outside that day, ran one time around the block, and then almost died of shortness of breath. But I finally caught my breath, and haven't stopped running since.

So, yeah. I'm a huge fan of Bart. I look up to him a lot, and he continues to inspire me with his determination, hard work, and his passion for running (hello.... did you see the article about Comrades? The Amish?). In fact, when looking for a late winter race to keep us motivated during the cold months, my decision was made after I found out Bart would be attending the Little Rock Marathon. We signed up too late to be able to do the half, so we settled for the 10k.

I was so excited when we arrived at our hotel, I completely forgot to grab my copy of "My Life On The Run" when we headed to the expo. (Don't worry- we might get to meet him again at the San Francisco Expo this summer- I'll be sure to remember by book then)

Peabody Little Rock 
All I had was my race bib, so I asked him to sign it, take a picture with me, and be my best friend/lifetime running coach/cheerleader, then we chatted a bit about running. I could have stayed all afternoon talking to him and listening to all of his amazing stories and asking him tons of questions, but Brandon insisted that I play it cool.

Saturday night, we attended the pasta party just for fun- we had never been to one before, and we didn't have much else to do in the exciting city of Little Rock. Guess who sat behind me?

Yes, you better believe it! That is the back of Bart Yasso's head.

My parents- being the totally awesome, supportive parents that they are- decided to join us in LR for the weekend to cheer us on. We met up with them for a post-pasta-party dinner (the pasta party had great vegetarian options for me, but Brandon wasn't digging olive oil and noodles as a vegan option) and then decided to walk around the hotel to see where the Peabody ducks live at night.

We were heading up to our rooms for the night to get some good rest... and it just so happened that we got on the elevator with Bart!

No, I didn't get a picture of this fabulous moment. That would have been too weird, even for me. Brandon swears that I was powerfully speed-walking so that we "happened" to get on the elevator with him.


Brandon and I had both been sick with the crud and a terrible, hacking, cough. I hadn't run in a week and a half. I hadn't even "trained" for the race, really- I've been proud of myself for doing 3 miles when it's 30* outside.

We went out to have fun, but we were both feeling pretty good that day, so we tried to pick up the pace a few times, only to come very close to getting smacked in the face by some vigorously swinging power-walker-arms. Eventually, we made it past the incredibly annoying people who sprint really fast for 0.25 miles then take walking breaks right in front of people who are still running. Next time, I won't under-estimate myself quite so much and line up at the very very back of the starting line.

I couldn't be bothered to put down my banana for a picture.
But thankfully, I made it through without coughing or sneezing on anyone (except for Brandon) and totally grossing everyone out. Our time wasn't what I had hoped- 1:13:something, and I was hoping for under 1:10:00, but my GPS clocked the distance as 6.4mi from all the weaving instead of 6.2. It was a really nice course, beautiful weather, and tons of fun. We are planning on going back next year, for sure!

I was so excited to finally meet the man who inspired me to begin running in the first place. I'm so thankful to him, because I feel so much healthier and happier now that I'm a runner. I've not only found a way to enjoy exercise, but I've discovered a real passion for the sport overall. I love that Brandon and I have something that we enjoy doing together, also. I could go on for days about how much I love running. And Bart. He continues to inspire and amaze me everyday in the way that he reaches out to every runner that he can to offer support and encouragement. From the greatest ambassador for running-


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Crazy Saturday

Brandon and I had invited my family to come to Memphis Saturday night for potatoes, chili, and some QT with each other and Anniston. I was really excited about getting to see my Grandmother and my Granny. 

We got up early that morning and started to clean the house, then I went to Whole Foods to buy some food for appetizers and a dessert. I got a call from Brandon while I was checking out, "Hey, there is smoke coming out of the basement, and the firetrucks are here. You should probably come home."

I come home to find two firetrucks in front of the house, all of our neighbors in our driveway, but luckily no flames. The first thing I asked when I saw Brandon was, "Where is Phoebe?" A neighbor had let him borrow a travel crate to put her in while the firemen were still cleaning our house and basement so she would be safe. 

Our electricity was out, we thought that everything plugged into a grounded outlet was fried (our TV's, computers, washer and dryer, dishwashing machine, air conditioner...), and my family was due at my house in less than 4 hours.

For the next 2.5 hours, we had all kinds of people in and out of our house. Firemen, MLGW crews, our landlord, an electrician.... Phoebe thought they were all there to see her, of course. Turns out, a line came down and fell onto another line in a neighbor's yard, and electricity was being fed back through the wrong line (or something? I'm still confused about the specifics). Luckily everything was okay, except for our air conditioning, and our electricity was back on with about 2 hours before the party.

I was so excited we would still get to have my family over- I really enjoy having them at my house and wanted to have a more intimate setting than a restaurant. Plus, I had already bought all these pretty flowers.

I also had purchased some pimento cheese with crackers and deviled eggs from Whole Foods- which everyone went crazy over. We decided to just order pizza since things were so chaotic, and the food wasn't the important thing. It was a little warm, since we didn't have air conditioning. I know it's only March, but stuff 12 people in a 2 bedroom house in 80* Memphis weather and it gets a little stuffy. Luckily, my husband is a genius and came up with "Homemade Air Conditioning"

Even after all of the stress and the chaos of the day, I was so glad to have my family all together. We had a blast just catching up, playing with Anniston, and eating. Here are a few pictures I snapped. My sister has a few more in her post, I was too exhausted to take a lot of pictures!

I think Phoebe was even more exhausted than we were.

Monday, March 19, 2012

Kelly and Anniston

We had a VERY eventful weekend- more on that later. For now, I am without Internet and am attempting to blog from my iPad with 3G.

I took so many pictures this weekend, and I'm trying really hard to learn Photoshop. Here are some of my favorites- my sister and niece.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Manning Mania

I've had it for years, and have no desire to be rid of it anytime soon.

I think everyone who lives in Tennessee was a Peyton Manning fan when he played for the UT Vols (except those few weirdos who are die hard Ole Miss fans). When the Titans moved to TN (from being the Houston Oilers), many Tennesseans became serious Titans fans... but not my family. We followed the great Peyton Manning to the Indianapolis Colts with 100% loyalty.

See, I have proof.

Me and my adorable cousins in 2005

Celebrating the 2007 Superbowl win

We've even been to Indianapolis to see him play. When I say "we," I do mean my entire family. (Except for Kelly, she was all busy being a pharmacy student. And Brandon and I were only dating, and he thought we were all crazy. He probably still thinks that a little bit.)

One time, I almost met Peyton Manning. We were like 20 feet away from each other. It was awesome.

So, Peyton, if you are reading this... just know that everyone in Tennessee really wants you to come back home. Especially my family. We are absolutely prepared to invest an entire fortune in Titans gear and have already burned our Colts gear while thinking really bad thoughts about that fool they call Jimbo.

I promise it will be great. Your fans will be celebrating all over the state. It will be #ManningMania all season long. (Seriously, check out that link and just see for yourself!)

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Hey! Guess what happened yesterday... I woke up early, and decided to make a Pinteresting Wednesday post. I posted it, then kept wondering why no one else had posted theirs yet. I went on all day wondering this... until after 12, when I realized it was Tuesday.

Yeah.... I was looking forward to Wednesday.

First off, I'm loving that it's finally Wednesday! I don't have to go in until 10 today, so I have plenty of time to get up and go for a run, and do my morning internet browsing. Also, my favorite pharmacist co-worker returns from vacation today. My work days are always better when she is there. And finally, I only have two more work days until my 3-day weekend starts!

I am very attached to my Nike Frees. We've been together since the beginning. But I know that they don't have any support or cushioning, which I will be needing at some point when I decide to start training for my next half marathon.  I'm not completely breaking up with my Frees, but... I'm going to start seeing other shoes. These shoes.
These are the Mizuno Wave Rider Elixer 7, I'm pretty sure. They feel very lightweight and have a low heel drop while still offering more support and cushioning than Nike Frees- which is exactly what I wanted. Plus, they look freakin' cool and are purple. That is probably most important.

I don't even want to begin thinking about how many Starburst jellybeans I have eaten since the Easter candy came out about a month ago. But they are amazing, and have made it to the list of my favorite candy ever. (Also on the list are Reese's and Kit-Kats, and that's it, because I don't eat a ton of candy, usually.)

I'm loving my little Anniston Ruth, because she is so much fun all the time. I've especially been loving when I get to read to her, because you can tell that she is interested and somewhat curious. But really, she is more interested in what the book tastes like than what it says. I also love singing to her and getting to rock her to sleep. Oh, and every single time she laughs or smiles at me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

PInteresting Wednesday!

This is absolutely what I was thinking when reading the book... "I need to work out more so that I could survive something like this"

Check out this reading nook.... it's in a closet! I need one of these!

This is next on my reading list- 4 time Ironman winner.

Source: via Allie on Pinterest

Speaking of Ironman... my goal this month and next is to get my quads more toned via..

After my workouts, I might just make some yummy treats like this with my Vitamix.

I can't wait to see the newly remodeled Opryland... look how beautiful!

And finally, I must remember this when dealing with a certain someone. I am an awesome person, and if you don't get that..... I'll survive.

Actually, I'd like to end on a happy note, because I am a happy person, so here:

Source: via Jacque on Pinterest

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