Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A Crazy Saturday

Brandon and I had invited my family to come to Memphis Saturday night for potatoes, chili, and some QT with each other and Anniston. I was really excited about getting to see my Grandmother and my Granny. 

We got up early that morning and started to clean the house, then I went to Whole Foods to buy some food for appetizers and a dessert. I got a call from Brandon while I was checking out, "Hey, there is smoke coming out of the basement, and the firetrucks are here. You should probably come home."

I come home to find two firetrucks in front of the house, all of our neighbors in our driveway, but luckily no flames. The first thing I asked when I saw Brandon was, "Where is Phoebe?" A neighbor had let him borrow a travel crate to put her in while the firemen were still cleaning our house and basement so she would be safe. 

Our electricity was out, we thought that everything plugged into a grounded outlet was fried (our TV's, computers, washer and dryer, dishwashing machine, air conditioner...), and my family was due at my house in less than 4 hours.

For the next 2.5 hours, we had all kinds of people in and out of our house. Firemen, MLGW crews, our landlord, an electrician.... Phoebe thought they were all there to see her, of course. Turns out, a line came down and fell onto another line in a neighbor's yard, and electricity was being fed back through the wrong line (or something? I'm still confused about the specifics). Luckily everything was okay, except for our air conditioning, and our electricity was back on with about 2 hours before the party.

I was so excited we would still get to have my family over- I really enjoy having them at my house and wanted to have a more intimate setting than a restaurant. Plus, I had already bought all these pretty flowers.

I also had purchased some pimento cheese with crackers and deviled eggs from Whole Foods- which everyone went crazy over. We decided to just order pizza since things were so chaotic, and the food wasn't the important thing. It was a little warm, since we didn't have air conditioning. I know it's only March, but stuff 12 people in a 2 bedroom house in 80* Memphis weather and it gets a little stuffy. Luckily, my husband is a genius and came up with "Homemade Air Conditioning"

Even after all of the stress and the chaos of the day, I was so glad to have my family all together. We had a blast just catching up, playing with Anniston, and eating. Here are a few pictures I snapped. My sister has a few more in her post, I was too exhausted to take a lot of pictures!

I think Phoebe was even more exhausted than we were.


  1. I'm glad it all worked out! Hope your AC is up and running soon!

    1. It's still broken- should be fixed this weekend. Thank goodness the weather has been milder this week, and not still 80* like it was last week!

  2. Wow that's scary, I'm glad everything turned out to be okay!


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