Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Manning Mania

I've had it for years, and have no desire to be rid of it anytime soon.

I think everyone who lives in Tennessee was a Peyton Manning fan when he played for the UT Vols (except those few weirdos who are die hard Ole Miss fans). When the Titans moved to TN (from being the Houston Oilers), many Tennesseans became serious Titans fans... but not my family. We followed the great Peyton Manning to the Indianapolis Colts with 100% loyalty.

See, I have proof.

Me and my adorable cousins in 2005

Celebrating the 2007 Superbowl win

We've even been to Indianapolis to see him play. When I say "we," I do mean my entire family. (Except for Kelly, she was all busy being a pharmacy student. And Brandon and I were only dating, and he thought we were all crazy. He probably still thinks that a little bit.)

One time, I almost met Peyton Manning. We were like 20 feet away from each other. It was awesome.

So, Peyton, if you are reading this... just know that everyone in Tennessee really wants you to come back home. Especially my family. We are absolutely prepared to invest an entire fortune in Titans gear and have already burned our Colts gear while thinking really bad thoughts about that fool they call Jimbo.

I promise it will be great. Your fans will be celebrating all over the state. It will be #ManningMania all season long. (Seriously, check out that link and just see for yourself!)

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  1. I am a Memphis fan, so I have always hated the the University of TN. & I never liked Peyton, because he went there...BUT, I think I would become a fan it he joined the Titans! Really hoping he does!


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