Sunday, September 11, 2011

Remembering 9/11


It was the JFK moment of my generation. I was 16 years old, just starting my sophomore year of high school, and taking my seat in Mrs. Parker's Chemistry class. I remember the exact seat I was sitting in, exactly where the TV was that showed us the horrific pictures and videos of what was happening in NYC.


I watched those towers crumble on live TV. Teachers were crying, going in and out of the rooms to talk to other teachers and to try hide their hysteria from us. At the time, I thought I understood what was happening. Now, I realize that a 16 year old really couldn't grasp how much this would change our country; how many people left home that morning and never returned; how many people would never see their loved ones again.


Today, 10 years later, it is a day to remember the ones that were lost and honor those who were brave enough to stand up for our country on that day and every day after. It's also a day to thank God for the loved ones we still have, the country that we live in, and the freedom we still enjoy.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Baby Shower for Anniston

Jodi and I hosted a shower for Kelly and Brandon last night- there were so many people here! It was definitely the most fun baby shower I've ever attended- but I'm a little partial. :)

We ordered catering from Old Venice, which included salad, bread, pasta and pizza. It was amazing! So many people commented on how good the pizza was, and it was so easy to serve. Le Fleur did the flowers, and as expected, they were absolutely gorgeous.

We served a wide selection of beverages, including Diet Cokes and bottled water with personalized labels. I wish I had gotten a better picture, but they are purple and yellow and have Anniston's monogram. Adorable!

Our dessert bar included cupcakes from Monkey Bread Bakery, and cake pops!

The shower was lots of fun, and Kelly and Brandon received lots of wonderful gifts! As our guests were leaving, we gave them a sweet little treat to take home with them.

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