Saturday, December 31, 2011

What I'll Be Up To in 2012

No better time to set a few goals for myself... these are things that I want to will do in 2012. 

1. Stick to Budget. We've been a little lax on the budget these last few months. Ok, really lax. It's been fun spending money after being broke for a long time and I've worked hard to be able to do that! However, we've got to get our eyes on the prize. The bigger prize, that is.... saving for a house. Hopefully it'll happen by at least summer 2013.

2. Travel. I do realize that this goal will set me back a bit with goal #1. However, our goals we must accomplish before we have kids are as follows:
      1a. Graduate from pharmacy school. -DONE
      2a. Own a home.- Working on it.
      3a. Travel. -In progress.
So you see, we must work on goals 2a and 3a at the same time, we just have to be smart about it.  This year, we are going to San Diego and Little Rock for races, and maybe one more small trip. We will see!

3. Get Super Organized. This is always one of my goals- get my house clean, drawers organized, basement cleaned out and labeled, computer and pictures backed up, pictures completely organized, etc. It's an ongoing process, something that is never "finished", you know?

3. Eat Healthier. More fruits, more veggies, more water. Less junk. I really need to try to prepare healthy food at home to take to work, instead of just grabbing crackers and snacks stuff!

4. Run Farther, More Often. I'd like to average at least 20 miles per week, giving a little room for a week or two off and those busy weeks, I'll make my goal 1000 miles this year. Whew! My progress for this will be available on my Daily Mile widget over here -------->>>>

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5. Run Faster. St. Jude, 2012 sub 2:30. Must do.

6. Complete project 365. That's right- a picture a day for 365 days. I'll update my progress here on the blog, but you can also follow from my Flickr account, or my Tumblr account.

The above goals are my "Must Do" goals. The following are "would like to do" goals. After I've worked on my "Must Do's", if I still have time left in the day I'll move on to my "Would Like to Do's"

8. Read More. (Or, uh, listen to audio books more.) And not just re-reading Harry Potter, Twilight, Pride and Prejudice, and the Millenium Trilogy. I need to branch out.

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(I'll just be honest with myself and go ahead and say this one probably won't happen. Lol!)

9. Plan more fun things with Brandon- trips, date nights, etc. We are people that enjoy just spending time at home, but getting out more often certainly would be fun!

10. Tone up with some pilates or yoga, maybe some light weight lifting.

So there they are... time to get started!

Friday, December 30, 2011

The Best of 2011

We started 2011 off with a bang- by moving into a bigger house. We are love it here- a spare bedroom, bigger kitchen, large living and dining room, just bigger in general. And so much nicer!

The spring months were spent finishing up school, for me and Brandon. It also happened to be my last semester of school, EVER! I found out I had a job in March, which was a huge relief, since the job market was scary at the time (and still is).

I graduated in May, which was a pretty big deal. Finally, I was finished with school! Kelly threw me a graduation party at her house, and my whole family came!

Over the summer, we were both training for the Chicago Half Marathon. I was also studying for... and stressing about getting licensed as a pharmacist. Thankfully, I passed both exams, and started working as an official pharmacist.

In August, Brandon and I took our first major vacay since our honeymoon. We went to Chicago, which was amazing! We ran a half-marathon there, which happened to be my first ever. I was so proud of myself.  :) Brandon started back to school soon after we returned.

The last days of Summer and first days of Fall were spent helping Kelly make preparations for precious baby Anniston. You can read about some of the crafts we did, and all about decorating her nursery. Brandon and I also threw them a baby shower. At the last minute, I decided to bite the bullet and buy the camera I had been wanting. I decided that was as good a time as ever, right before my neice was born, right?

Well, that was the best decision of the year! After Anniston was born, I spent almost every waking minute that I wasn't working with her and Kelly. I won't even divulge how many pictures are labeled "Anniston" in my library. Even after I cleaned the bad ones out. It's ridiculous.

Eventually, I had to spend some time with my neglected husband, and some time training for the St. Jude marathon. Of course, I still had to see Anniston as much as possible!

Brandon and I ran St. Jude in early December. We spent the rest of the month buying presents and planning our Christmas brunch. The holidays were the best this year- so much more fun with Anniston around!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Giving Really Better Than Receiving?

I had so much fun giving gifts this year, I didn't even realize what a good Christmas I had when it came to what I received.

Brandon's parents and Grandmother got us one of my favorite things of all time, money. :)

Grandmother also got me and Brandon a Keurig, and gave me the coins that my Granddaddy had collected for me. From the Nanneys, I got the most pretty, purple and pink iPad case! Mom and Dad got me an iPod nano to improve my audiobook/running listening experience, and my favorite Kate Spade iPhone cover that I've been wanting.

From Brandon, I picked out a camera bag insert that perfectly fits the camera bag I asked for from Kelly and Brandon. Both will also fit my iPad, and will be perfect so that I can always have my camera and all of my gear with me.

Brandon also got me the full version of the photo editing software I've been using, and some RAM for my computer so that I can get all of that editing done faster!

I will say that on Christmas day, giving was better than receiving. But after Christmas, I've certainly been enjoying presents!

An Apple Kind Of Christmas

We had a really great Christmas this year. Nothing could be better than having Anniston, my wonderful family, and Brandon to celebrate with.

For the first time, Brandon and I were actually able to give what we wanted! It was so much fun giving presents this year.

 Kelly and I had always said after I graduated, we would buy Mom and Dad something special for Christmas to show them how much we appreciated their help in getting us through pharmacy school. I'm pretty sure they were completely shocked that we gave them an iPad....

Christmas Eve Brunch

 Brandon and I are usually with his family on Christmas Eve, but we visited them the weekend before Christmas this year. Since we had nothing planned for Christmas Eve, we decided to host Christmas Brunch at our house for my family.  Almost everyone got to come, including Nancy, John, Jake and Grandmom! Will had to work though. :(

Most of my family hadn't seen my house in a while, if at all, and it was the first time I hosted a "dinner(-like) party" with my new, beautiful buffet, table and chairs.

Drool. This is why I love Pottery Barn and West Elm outlet. Without them, I would have no furniture. Moving on...

I made Christmas fruit kabobs....

 and cinnamon mini waffles....

plus egg frittatas. Mom brought some breakfast casseroles and mini muffins. Kelly made these adorable "Santa Hat" brownies!

Everyone seemed to enjoy the delicious food, but we enjoyed each other's company even more! I put my Apple TV screen saver to play all of the best pictures of Anniston and the family that I've taken with my new fancy camera while it played Christmas music from my iTunes library, and it was the hit of the party!

That afternoon, Brandon and I went to see "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo", the American version. I really expected to hate it, since I like the Swedish version so much. But.. I loved it! I can't wait to see it again- Lisbeth is so feisty!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Every since I first saw the sign in October, "Kate Spade New York, Opening Soon" I couldn't wait for the party. If you don't give them credit for anything else, you have to admit Kate Spade knows how to throw a party.

Ok, you also have to give Kate Spade some credit for their displays and store design. I mean, isn't this incredible? Even if you aren't a KS fan, or aren't even a fan of fashion, this still looks like so much fun!

Mom came to babysit baby Anniston, since she's not old enough to appreciate the magical world of Kate Spade yet. Someday, I will teach her.

Kelly and I attended the party, drank champagne, ate the tiny little fancy treats that we were served, and enjoyed our 20% off discount for anything in the store!

I really, really, wanted this ring, and a matching headband. But I have to be practical, and admit that I don't live in the world of Gossip Girl. I wouldn't have many occasions to wear it!

You never know, I might just decide I need some fabulousness in my life one day and decide to rock this to the grocery store or something.

In the end, I decided on a pair of "Spade" studs, and a ring just a little less ostentatious.

I am so glad we were able to go, and as always, so excited about getting a good deal on my new jewelry. :)

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter Blues

Like a good runner, I took a few days off after the half-marathon to let my aching left calf (the one that cramped) heal a bit.

However, I've been itching to get back out there, to run in my happy place since... well, since I crossed the finish line. I need to relax, de-stress, and make myself feel better about my running abilities. :)

Problem now is, that what just a few weeks ago looked like this....

Currently looks like this....

Fall is by far my favorite season, and I never thought I'd say this, but I LONG for the summer heat, even if it's 95 degrees!

It's going to be a long winter!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A little rest and relaxation...

Is just what we needed! We've been taking it easy for the past few days. I've been taking Lush baths with the goodies that Kelly and Brandon gave me after the race. Ahhhh...

And, of course, hanging out with Baby Anniston and doing impromptu photo shoots. I can't help it when she looks this cute!

Brandon has been downloading all kinds of songs with his iTunes gift card from Mom and Dad, and last night, he took me out to dinner with his R.P. Tracks gift card from Kelly and Brandon.

The past few days have been so great! However, I do have to clean my entire house, organize and clean out, and wrap all of my Christmas presents before my vacation week is over. And I'm off!

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