Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Is Giving Really Better Than Receiving?

I had so much fun giving gifts this year, I didn't even realize what a good Christmas I had when it came to what I received.

Brandon's parents and Grandmother got us one of my favorite things of all time, money. :)

Grandmother also got me and Brandon a Keurig, and gave me the coins that my Granddaddy had collected for me. From the Nanneys, I got the most pretty, purple and pink iPad case! Mom and Dad got me an iPod nano to improve my audiobook/running listening experience, and my favorite Kate Spade iPhone cover that I've been wanting.

From Brandon, I picked out a camera bag insert that perfectly fits the camera bag I asked for from Kelly and Brandon. Both will also fit my iPad, and will be perfect so that I can always have my camera and all of my gear with me.

Brandon also got me the full version of the photo editing software I've been using, and some RAM for my computer so that I can get all of that editing done faster!

I will say that on Christmas day, giving was better than receiving. But after Christmas, I've certainly been enjoying presents!

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