Sunday, October 9, 2011

Chicago 2011

Watching the Chicago Marathon today reminded me I never posted pics from the "vacation" part of our trip to Chicago.

We loved the city.... lots of interesting culture and history, beautiful sights, wonderful shopping and entertainment, tons of vegetarian and vegan food options, and much cleaner than NYC. What's not to love?

We stayed at the Palmer House Hilton, just a block from Grant Park. It is a beautiful hotel, but way overpriced. They don't even have free wi-fi! Luckily, we got a group discount for the race and the Corner Bakery Cafe (canopy in the left of the pic) was the perfect place to stop in the mornings for breakfast and internet. 

Saturday, we walked down to the race expo and saw some beautiful neighborhoods and architecture on 
the way. 

After lots of wandering around, we made our way over to the theater to see West Side Story. (Nancy bought us tickets for our birthday!) The theater was gorgeous, the performance was fantastic, and it felt so amazing to get off our feet and rest our legs. 

That night, we had reservations at Karen's on Green, a local vegan restaurant. That was probably the best meal we've ever had in our life.

We made our way home and went to bed early. Our race was the next morning- it took a little nap and some IcyHot before we were ready to get back out that afternoon. We headed up north to Magnificent Mile, and strolled through the most gorgeous neighborhoods. I could just die over how beautiful these buildings are...

John Hancock Tower was one of our favorite parts of the trip. David Schwimmer narrated an audio tour of the view from each window, which was absolutely breathtaking. 

This is the moment I decided to get a better camera, because these pictures don't do justice to what we actually saw.

The shopping on Magnificent Mile was fabulous, just as good as Fifth Ave. IMO. We did a 'lil browsing through Kate Spade, Tiffany's, Nike, and the Lego Store.

Harry Pottah Legoooosss!

I'll leave this post with a pic of this gorgeous chapel on Michigan Ave.
Can you tell I love the architecture in Chicago?

To Be Continued...

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