Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Favorite Things About My iPad

I'm so freaking excited about these things, I just couldn't wait..

First up is the calendar. In the past, I was a paper calendar fanatic. With the use of MobileMe, I've become addicted to my iCal. I can add something on my computer, and it instantly syncs to my iPhone, and now, my iPad. I put my work schedule, my running schedule, bills due, and to-do list on there, and then live by it. Now, I can do that easier when I'm on the go with my iPad.

Next... books and magazines in color! The screen displays a gorgeous picture. I love this- everything in one place, plus it doesn't waste paper!

Zite is an app that lets you input your interests, then it creates an online magazine personalized just for you! I can read about Twilight, Harry Potter, running, vegan and vegetarian recipes and products, DIY projects- anything I like all in one place!

A similar app called Flipboard lets you skim headlines and pictures from the top news of the day on whatever subjects you choose, from whichever outlets you choose. I can browse Time Magazine, Fox News, Runner's World, The Satorialist, Google Reader and People Magazine within a minute or two. If I don't have time to read everything right then, I can save my articles to view offline later, or e-mail them to my Evernote to save permanently.

My Flipboard Home Screen
The top news from Time Magazine
Which brings me to the best part... Evernote! If you aren't a total OCD organizing freak like me, then you may not appreciate this. For years, I've clipped magazine articles, web pics, recipes, and ideas I want to save for later without a good way to organize them. Hence, I have a few decorating pics on my computer, a bazillion bookmarks on my internet browser, a recipe book I never look at, and a stash of papers torn out from magazines that gives me anxiety to think about. 

With Evernote, I can save online articles, pictures, and ideas into notes. I can tag those notes, and put them into notebooks organized by category to keep track of them all. Since I'll be buying my magazines on my iPad from now on, I can simply save a good inspirational running article under the notebook "Fitness" with a tag of "inspiration" and "running". Every time I find a pic on a blog of a decorated room that I like, I'll save it in my "Home Decor" notebook and refer back to it next time I re-decorate my house. 

All of my "all over the place" ideas and "I want to remember this for later" articles and pictures can be in one place and easily found when needed. 

Sigh. I'm gonna sleep better tonight knowing that. 

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