Sunday, November 20, 2011

A Rowdy Thanksgiving

Kids make the holidays so much more fun. I've always looked forward to seeing the little ones at holiday get-togethers, since I'm not around kids that often. They are so entertaining!

Of course, this beautiful baby girl brings joy everywhere she goes!

Granny knitted Anniston a sweater and a hat. Rumor has it she almost gave up knitting after tackling that pattern!

David reminds me so much of Jake when he was little. He came up to me and said, "My momma has a camera like that!" Then he proceeded to pose, and insisted on seeing the picture to approve it before moving on to wrestling Eli.

 Meredith laughed at this wrestling match, saying "Eli may not be able to beat his 3 year old nephew, but he can defeat anyone at Modern Warfare!" I have to say- David is a pretty tough little 3 year old.

Mason and David were sneaky about posing for this one while their mom wasn't looking. ;)

Ella is going to be a personal shopper when she grows up! This girl is only 7 and already has some mad style.

 It's been LONG time since we've taken a good picture together. We don't get many tries. :)

A very thankful mom.

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