Sunday, September 13, 2009

My newest addiction: LUSH Cosmetics!

As I was supposed to be studying for my huge test coming up, I was actually watching one of my favorite YouTube Gurus, Glimmer.Gloss.Glow.  She was reviewing several of her newest handmade soaps, and I got the sudden urge to visit my local LUSH store. Even though some of the things seemed a little pricey for one time use, many are well worth the splurge when you need some relaxation! I picked up a Ma Ta Bubble Bar, which was most enjoyable, and an Each Peach Massage Bar, which was a very special treat.

The massage bar left my skin feeling ultra smooth and soft with a subtle, sweet scent my husband loved! Of course, I had to check out the website for more fabulous things I have never had the privilege to try.  Some of the things I'm thinking of getting soon are some type of shampoo, conditioner, Shave the Planet Shaving Cream, and maybe (if I am brave enough) a Henna Hair Dye. Anyone ever tried these? Which are your favorites?

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