Sunday, September 13, 2009

Picture Gallery: Fall is Finally Here!

Being that one of my favorite things is celebrating the different seasons, when my husband and I moved in the spring I decided to do a wall gallery of spring inspired pictures. I'm not anything close to a professional photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures. So, I went around town taking pictures of flowers and anything that made me happy when I thought of spring. Here is the result:
Please note that this was taken before I straightened the frames. :)
So, as soon as September came I was jumping to get some new pictures in my frames for fall. I found that I didn't have as many wonderful pictures as I had hoped, and I can't take pictures from this season yet because our leaves haven't turned. Once they do change I'll go down to the river and try to improve this a bit.
I tried to do mostly landscapes and natural subjects, but due to my lack of choices, I put one of my dog, Phoebe, in front of pumpkins. I'll change it once I get some more pictures, even though it is awfully cute!

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