Monday, October 19, 2009

LUSH! Halloween Collection 2009

Anyone that knows me knows that I'm a fanatic about all holidays, especially Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Something about this time of year is so fun to me! I love to decorate, watch the holiday movies, listen to the music, and enjoy everything that reminds me that it's the holiday season. So, when I saw that LUSH had a new Halloween collection, I was ALL OVER IT! I purchased several things from the collection, and I am in love! These things just make me so happy. I look forward to using them while taking a bath and relaxing at night after a long day of studying or a hard test.
Pictured above are Ghost Shower Gel and The Great Pumpkin soap, which are so amazing! I really enjoy spicy scents- so The Great Pumpkin soap is a must have. The main scent is Ghost is lily, which isn't something I would normally gravitate towards, but something about it really is... Haunting. :)
I can't wait to purchase some of the Christmas products!

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