Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Boycotting Overtime

I've decided I'm boycotting overtime shifts. I picked up waaay too many (as in, one per week) for the past 3 months, and I'm over it. 

Sure, I get paid more money, and that is super fun. But in exchange for the money, I have to give up my time. And that means I have less time to spend doing the things that I love.

For example, spending time with this sweet girl.

I have spent time with her every day for the past 6 days and I still can't get enough. 

Spending time with her also means spending more time with my sister. We've been planning Anniston's birthday party and our complete Fall wardrobe. It's been great.

I also got to have a girl's night with my best friends in the whole wide world, who live far far away and I haven't seen in a few months. It was way way too long, I missed having friends. 

Also, I get to run. While enjoying it! 
I was still running while I was so busy, but running is so much more fun when I'm not super stressed. 

The only downside of less overtime is less shopping. Which I'm working on dealing with. I'm trying to develop a "Fall Shopping Plan" and attempting to "only purchase what I really need".  As my sister and fellow shopaholic stated, spending time together is not good for our wallets. 

But getting to see this sweet face more often is so, so worth it!


  1. Your niece is so adorable! You take beautiful pictures!

    Hey I just joined Twitter, follow me @SouthGirlRun, thanks!!

  2. Your niece is such a cutie! I'm glad you've been able to spend more time with her!

    And I love that Nike singlet! It looks like it's longer than some of the others out there--do you remember what style it is?

  3. She is so cute! And I absolutely love the name Anniston. Obviously because I love Jen. And now she's leaving me to go get married. Pssh. New follower!

  4. Spell ADORABLE and that would be that cute little girl on those photos! Totally agree with you about running is not so fun if you're stressed although I am not into running. I love walking! It serves as my stress reliever.

  5. That little girl is SO adorable!! Gorgeous photos. New follower! :)

  6. New reader! Glad you got to spend time with your adorable and precious little girl! I hate the balance of taking less shifts, spending more time with friends and family, but having to watch what you spend! So glad your enjoying running without being stressed too!!


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