Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2 years down, 63 to go!

Brandon and I have been married for two years! This year, we decided to celebrate by doing fun things together, instead of buying presents.

A few weeks ago, we went to see Seinfeld's stand up routine at the Orpheum.We both laughed so hard we cried, and I thought for sure my makeup was going to run all over my face!

This weekend, we had tickets to see Wicked, also at the Orpheum. This was my second time to see it, and I tried really hard not to sing along to my favorite soundtrack.  No worries though, because Brandon and I spent the next day singing along together, and recalling our favorite lines from the play.

After marveling over how it's been two years, I asked how many years we should aim for. I'm all about setting goals these days! 75 sounded like a good number, but after calculating how old that would make us, we shook our heads in unison.

Sixty-five years, we decided, would be perfect. That means I would live to be 88, and Brandon 87. "Yeah! That way we can go out while we're still ahead," Brandon said. "By that time, our grandkids will be having kids, and our job will be done!"

I don't know if we'll be that lucky, to live long enough to make it to 65 years of marriage. But I do know that I'll be thankful for every year, even every day I'm able to spend with Brandon. He makes me smile, and today I love him twice as much as the day we were married. If we make it that long, I'm sure by then I'll love him 65 times as much!

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