Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Wanna Be A Billionaire, So Freakin Bad!

I swear, I wouldn't know any current songs on the radio if it weren't for Glee.  I first heard "Billionaire" on the first episode of the season, and I've had it on repeat every since. It's a cute-sy little song about all of the things he would buy, and the nice things he would do if he were a billionaire, which got me thinking....

What would I buy and do if I were a billionaire?

First, I would buy a huge house/ apartment/ condo in Memphis, Jackson, Nashville, San Fran, Seattle, Chicago, Boston, Asheville, New York, L.A., Paris, Venice, Spain, etc. You get the idea.  Of course, I'd also hire someone to clean and look after each of them. I wouldn't have time to clean in my fabulous new life!

Then, I would buy a lifetime airline pass for myself and all of my friends and family, and give them all keys to my property, so we could all travel anywhere we wanted at any time.

I would also hire a personal trainer and a gourmet chef. My personal trainer would whip me up into tip-top shape, and my chef would fix me and Brandon homemade, organic, and delicious vegetarian meals.

Who am I kidding? If you know me, you know I would have gone on a major shopping spree (or three) by now. Kelly and I would be on the best dressed list for sure!

I'd also buy my friends and family anything they wanted. A house for Mom and Dad? Done. Complete with a guest house in the back for Grandmom. I'd build a lake nearby for Dad and a few boats so he can fish anytime he wants. Mom can have an even bigger TV than she has now with speakers throughout the house so she can always hear what's on ESPN. The whole family would have lifetime season passes for the Cardinals games and the Colts. New vehicles for everyone too!

I'd get Brandon several really awesome motorcycles. Actually, all the boys get a new motorcycle so they can play while the women are off in New York and Paris shopping.

Since I wouldn't have to work, being a billionaire and all, I'd like to spend a few days a week volunteering for a charity. Something to do with orphans and needy children, animals, cancer patients, or cancer research.

Now, back to things for me. :)

Definitely would get a super duper Mac computer, and an Ipad for travel. Of course, I'd buy Will and Jake as much Apple tech-y stuff as they want.

Where's the fun in living this amazing life if I don't have my best friend to share it with? I'd pay the best scientist in the world to develop medicine or technology so that a dog's lifespan can be as long as a human's. That way, my little Phoebekins can live to be old and gray with us.

 It's nice to dream, isn't it? While all of these things would be super fun, I'm perfectly happy in my normal non-billionaire life! I'll be even happier in May when I graduate.

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