Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ice Cream and Movies

Brandon and I decided to go see The Avengers last night, which he has already seen once and I was super excited about. 

I got home from a long, crazy day of screenings and handing out freebies at the Senior Expo here in Memphis, and this outfit was about the cutest thing I could manage. 

Sometimes I like to take really really bad pictures so you guys appreciate how good my other ones are. 


I was simply too lazy to move the white tower, or to turn on any lights, or to change any camera settings. 

You are welcome. 

This is one of my favorite new shirts from J.Crew, because it was cheap, it's casual and it's comfy. 

I'm totally breaking out of my ballet flat comfort zone with these, but I had a really good coupon so I decided to go for it.

A watermark is essential on this photo since I know many people will try to steal it.

If you can't make them out (which I don't know why you wouldn't be able to), they are brown Tory Burch sandals. I'm glad I purchased them, and I honestly think I'll wear them quite a bit. I will love my ballet flats till the day I die but sometime it's 100* in Memphis and these will be perfect for those times. 

Anyways, I made Brandon take me to YoLo, which is right across the street from the movie theater. As much as I love frozen yogurt, I hardly ever get to eat it because Brandon is practically vegan so he doesn't eat it. I tried gelato for the first time ever and I am in love!

Avengers was awesome, and made me want to watch Iron Man because I love Robert Downey Jr. and that character. But what I really really want to see it the new Batman! I saw a preview for the second time last night, and it gives me chills! Luckily, I'm off work the day it comes out, and Brandon's best friend who is the biggest Batman fan ever might be living in Memphis by that time, so we might just go see the midnight showing!

Just looking at this picture makes me so excited! I'm a huge fan of action movies, especially super-hero movies, and Batman has always been my favorite. After watching The Avengers, I'm pretty sure Iron Man is going to come in as a close second, though. 

Now I'm off to work- it's another 50 hour week for me, but I don't really mind since I love my new job and I love to shop! :)


  1. we are planning for finally see the avengers this weekend!

    & we looove Yolo!


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