Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Triple Tangent Tuesday- The Food Edition (Except I didn't post until Wednesday)

1. I've never been a coffee drinker. Only sweetened lattes and frappuccinos for me. Lately, Brandon has started making me a home version of an iced latte- Vanilla Folgers Coffee, a little bit of cold soy milk and a little bit of sugar (or Splenda) plus some ice- and I'm obsessed.

This has replaced my morning Diet Mt. Dews, which is huge! Maybe it's not that much healthier, but it is cheaper and saves plastic. 

This is why our Keurig is so awesome. One cup of apple cider or vanilla coffee for me, and one cup of some bold coffee for Brandon. 

2. Have you ever tried Nutella? I just did. It's a chocolate-y hazelnut butter that tastes like heaven. I don't think I will ever be satisfied with regular peanut butter again. I'm making a grocery list of things that will go with Nutella as I type, because I've demolished all of the pretzels in the house so far. The best things I can think of are bananas, apples, pears, and celery. 

Any more ideas? BTW don't bother typing Nutella into Pinterest because you will be tempted with all kinds of yummy recipes like Nutella pancakes, Nutella cookies, Nutella cupcakes, and a million other things I can't stop thinking about. 

We are so alike, me and Hermione. Or Emma Watson and I are destined to be BFF's. Or both!

2.5 I also think I'm going to try carrots and hummus for a snack, or even peppers and hummus. I love both of those veggies in a salad or dipped in ranch, and I LOVE hummus, so I must love those veggies dipped in hummus as well, right? Right. 

3. My husband is bringing me back some of my mother-in-law's potato salad after his visit this weekend, and I'm so excited. It's like a summer must-have for me. And it's almost summer so I must have some. She's given me the recipe but I can't make it like she can. Or maybe it just doesn't taste as good if I have to do all the work. 

3.5 Speaking of doing all the work- I'm waiting for a day when I have enough time to make tomato soup from scratch. I'm obsessed with tomato soup from Jason's Deli and Panera, and I just tried tomato soup from the store and it doesn't even compare. I found the recipe to both of their soups online, so I'm hoping I can make a large batch and freeze some, because we all know I don't like to spend time in the kitchen. But I need more yummy tomato soup in my life.

Now I must get work out then get to work because the Glee finale last night, I get to watch it when I finish working.  Tears will be shed. I actually thought last week was the finale so there were tears shed during that episode as well. I get emotional over my TV shows, don't judge. 

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