Monday, April 23, 2012

I'm Moving On...

The past weekend was my last at my current job/store. It was bittersweet, since I'm so excited to start my new job, but very sad not to be working with some of my favorites everyday. Ernie and the technicians working on Friday surprised me with Jason's Deli for lunch, yummy cupcakes, and a card. 

I made everyone promise me that they would call me every 5 minutes. They didn't seem to get the "Elf" reference, but they did promise to keep in touch. A few of us girls have plans to go out to dinner soon, and Dominiece and I are going to get together to play with our cameras. 

 Of course, I took my camera all weekend to take pictures with everyone. I only included the one with Dominiece because I know she (hopefully) won't care, and also because she can wake up 10 minutes before leaving for work and look better than everyone in the pharmacy. 

It seems silly, because they are all just a phone call or a short drive away, but when you work with someone 10+ hours a day, 3-4 days a week for months and months, keeping in touch on Facebook just isn't the same. I'll miss them lots. 

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  1. Where are you working now? Good luck starting your new job!!!


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