Tuesday, April 10, 2012

In a Funk

I tried to pretend like it wasn't happening for a while, but eventually I had to admit it to myself. I have been in a running "funk" for almost three weeks now. 

It started one Sunday morning, when Kelly and I went for an early morning job in Chickasaw. Brandon had made me a very yummy breakfast, but it was a lot heavier than my normal cereal. Well, I could feel that "heavy" in my stomach the entire time. I made it about a mile, then had to stop and take walk breaks.

Walk breaks?!?

I don't take walk breaks on a 3 mile run! Especially when I'm running with Kelly. Once she got back in her groove after having Anniston, Kelly and I always do well when we are running together. 

After that, each time I tried to run there was another excuse for why I was doing so terrible. It was suddenly hot and humid, I didn't have time to go to Chickasaw and was forced to be bored while running in my neighborhood, I simply didn't feel motivated, etc. etc.  It was so frustrating. 

Luckily, Brandon and I decided to buy new bikes, so I've still been able to get a fair amount of exercise. 

But this morning... this morning everything came together perfectly. It was beautiful weather, I started early enough to have time to go to Chickasaw, I stuck to my normal cereal for breakfast, and...... just for good luck..... I wore my beloved, never-fail-me, I-will-now-be-faithful-to-you-until-I-die Nike Free's. 

I don't know why I even try other shoes....

Ok, I do know.

 It's because on longer distance runs, (6+ miles) my feet start to hurt from the lack of support in the Free's. But from now on, if it's 5 miles or less, I'll be in my Free's. 

Let's hope my good fortune continues tomorrow, and maybe even the rest of the week! I'm trying to not worry about my "funk", but a few dramatic thoughts about not being a runner anymore and being forced to try to get into serious cycling did cross my mind. (But being a runner AND a semi-serious cycler does sound appealing and fun.) As much as I like to have fun running, I do have a half-marathon with the most brutal hills in the U.S. in 3.5 months.... It's about time to start getting serious and get my butt in gear. 

I just feel so much better after a good run. For like, the rest of the day. I love endorphins. I might still be high on them. 

I also love this commercial. And Nike Free's. I might need that pink pair...


  1. I LOVE Nike Frees! I spend unnecessary hours designing Free iD's, asking my husband if I can order them, and having my hopes and dreams dashed every time. :(

    1. Me too! I have yet to order a pair of Free iD's. I usually get wait for the Frees to go on sale or try to find them at the outlet store, that way I can stock up on several pair :)


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