Thursday, April 19, 2012

Some Crewlade and Random Thoughts

Guess what? Three days this week, I got dressed in clothes that were not scrubs or workout clothes! That must be a record for me this year. I've been so proud of myself lately- I've held out on purchasing all of my J.Crew items until they went on sale. And I mean sale, plus 25% off!

For example, this skirt- I got for about $60. 

And this bag, about $70. I treated myself to it because I knew the large size would come in handy once I start my new job. Which- good news- is next week! 

That's been my "excuse" for my MANY J.Crew sale purchases recently. I get to wear fancy clothes at my new job when I want!

In running news---
My post-funk success has continued! I'm still not running as much as I'd like, but I'm trying to take it slow and still have fun with it. I think May 1st will be my official day to start training for San Francisco.  I'm still really, really enjoying riding my bike. So much so that I want a real cycling bike so that I can go super fast. I figure if I can't be super fast while running, I can be super fast while cycling. 

Also, I own these beauties now.

Problem is, they are so beautiful I've been scared to wear them because I don't want to get them messed up!

I took pictures of a beautiful 2 year old last week. She was a little shy and nervous, but I somehow managed to pull out a few (IMO) good ones.

When I'm not working, exercising, or spending time with family, I'm online. Lately I've been shopping way too much, but the majority of that time I'm stalking other photographers and reading anything I can about photography.  

Really that's what's going on with me in a nutshell. I work. I shop. I run. I bike. I take pictures. 

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