Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Thankful Thursday + It's Ok Thursday

I'm so very very happy right now. I got to start my new job this week, and so far I love it! So of course, I'm thankful for that. And I'm thankful that sometimes I get to wear pretty outfits instead of scrubs. 

But it's OK that my husband cannot focus a camera even when it is set on Auto-Focus with a touch screen guider to help with face detection to take a picture of my outfit. (I took this one myself with a timer.)

But also, I'm thankful for my Grandmother, who in true southern lady fashion made her famous homemade cheese straws for me to take to the office on my first day.

And It's OK that I was so proud of myself for only eating one before I took it to them, but now I'm very sad because I don't have any. 

I'm thankful because I have been looking for a simple gold necklace for a long time, and I finally found one. 

It's OK that the only reason I loved and bought this one is because it makes me think of Katniss and how awesome she is. 

I'm thankful for J.Crew, and that I am slowly but surely building a solid and classic wardrobe. 

It's OK that I stalk their website/catalog so much that I can spot a J.Crew item from a mile away.

I also spotted the Cece ballet flats in several episode of New Girl, and the dotted jacquard pullover in a different episode of Glee. 

Which reminds me, I'm also thankful for Hulu Plus, which is so much cheaper and so much better than cable.  I think it's around $9.99/ month, and we can watch pretty much any TV show whenever we want, AND you can even watch on your iPad or iPhone! 

Have you seen New Girl? It's my new show. (The first 2-3 episodes aren't great but after that they get so much better)

Lastly, I'm thankful that I ran into Kelly and Anniston yesterday while they were running and I was riding my bike, + I got to visit them this morning for a few hours before work. I love double doses of Annie. 

And it's OK that Annie totally peed all over me this morning. Really, all over me. But I promise, it's OK. I told her I would get her back. You know, when she's 16 and trying to impress a boy... I'm going to embarrass her by showing pictures and telling stories. 

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