Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm Running In The Rain!

I've been scientifically planning my meals so that my stomach is perfectly settled but I am properly fueled for 7 p.m. runs. So when 7 p.m. rolled around, I was headed out the door.  The weather looked perfectly fine. A little darker than normal, but nice and cool. 

Then it started to rain very lightly. 

Right after that came the downpour. I quickly decided one mile was going to be it for the day. I actually love running in the rain, but when it's pouring and lightening and I can barely see from squinting- ok, that's still fun but only for one mile. 

         Before- poufy haired and dry.                                                               After- soaking wet and giddy.

Do you like to run in the rain? 


  1. I bet that was great! ...until the "couldn't see" part of course.

    1. Exactly! Luckily that only lasted about 2 minutes. ;)

  2. Such a cute polka dotted rain jacket! I'm glad you didn't run into any hail. I worked last night and the hail was intense in Oakland!

    1. Thanks- Nike Outlet!

      Ooo I didn't even think about hail. I think it was lightening, so that was kind of scary but if there had been hail, I might have crawled into the fetal position!


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