Sunday, June 10, 2012

Slathered in Sunscreen

I stopped tanning in a tanning bed after high school. I hardly ever layout in the sun (read: once a year maybe?), and my face lotion always has sunscreen in it. I try to be smart, but I'll admit- when I go out for a run or a bike ride, I don't put on sunscreen like I should. 

Oh, you don't either? Bet this will change your mind. 

This man was featured in the New England Journal of Medicine after doctors were amazed at the difference in either side of his face. He has been a truck driver his whole life, so the left side of his face has always been more exposed to the sun, while the right side was in the shade of his cab. I know we are always told that sun exposure always causes premature aging, yada yada yada... but this is something you can't ignore. 

Now, I know tanned skin usually looks better than white skin, but smooth skin ALWAYS looks better than.... extremely undamaged skin/ prematurely aged skin/ that. So, I will no longer be bitter about the fact that I don't tan well and have to spend 15 extra minutes putting on self tanner. I will not longer be lazy about wearing sunscreen. There is just no excuse!


  1. i agree!
    i am religiously putting on sunscreen before leaving the house.

  2. I stop tanning at the tanning bed a few years ago and I put on tons of sunscreen when I go to the pool. I don't want to have wrinkles when I get older or skin cancer.

    1. me either! I need to get more into the habit of sunscreen more often- I definitely wear it for vacations and pool time, but I think it's important for running too :)

  3. I grew up about 100 miles from Memphis, so I had the same tanning obsessed childhood and teen years as other girls around there. When I moved up to the PNW in the 90's, I got obsessed with sunscreen and started buying Canadian stuff because the FDA would not approve the ingredients I liked. Those have since been approved, but I still buy in Canada because only the shi shi expensive lines use them here.

    Anyhoo- I still tan with SPF 60 when exposed to tropical rays, even with reapplication. Wanna tackle that blog post? I'd love to understand. I would cover myself in that old school pink and blue titanium dioxide if I could find it. LOL

    Love your blog, and love hearing about the old stomping grounds... Good luck with Adam!

    1. I know what you mean- having a tan is such a terrible trend! I'm glad I haven't been participating in that trend over the past few years, but my sunscreen habits definitely need some work. Good for you for being so diligent with it, even if you are still getting a tan. I'm sure it will show later on in life. :)

      Thanks- I'm hoping this is the beginning of my "serious running" as opposed to my "do whatever I want" fun running.


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