Thursday, June 28, 2012

You may laugh, but you may not judge.

Yesterday, I left you as a cool person who was extremely excited about running.

Today, I am a non-cool person who wrecked on a bike.

We'll get to that later.

First, I would like to present you with this- a picture of me, riding a bike. Because I do know how to ride a bike.

I was even taking the picture WHILE I was riding.

So, I do know how to multi-task while riding a bike. Save this information for later, when you are judging me.
TRUTH: I almost wrecked like 3 times this day, too. I'm a klutz, and I'm smart enough to wear a helmet. So laugh and judge all you want. :)

About today- I woke up this morning with another rest day on the schedule. Luckily it was not a complete rest day, and I was very excited to have some time with my bike and my new Lululemon cycling shorts.

I was riding along, thinking, "I'm practically a real cyclist. I have cycling shorts. And a bike. Plus a helmet!"

Then boom!

Ok, I guess "boom" isn't the correct way to describe it, since I didn't run into anything. And nothing ran into me....

I was trying to speed up becasue I was about to climb this really long, really steep hill and I figured a little momentum wouldn't hurt. I realized I was thirsty- so as I was speeding up, I started to take a drink of water with one hand, leaving the other on the bike.

About 20 yards away, this truck starts backing out of a driveway. I think "I need to slow down, but I have plenty of time to put my water bottle back down, place both hands on the bike, and slow down properly". The hand that remained on the bike obviously disagreed and thought it was urgent, because I slammed on my front brake.

Then I proceeded to topple over the front of my bike.

In the middle of the street, trying to get up and pretend this never happned, "This is soooo not something that would happen to a real cyclist. They only have wrecks when there is actual imminent danger. A truck 20 yards away is not that dangerous when neither of us are going fast."

I tried get home as quickly as possible so none of my neighborhood running friends see the blood all over my chin. "I kind of want to wipe my chin with my shirt so it's not so obvious I just busted my face, but that will ruin the shirt and it's my favorite yellow short-sleeved running shirt. Maybe if I had a real cycling shirt this would have never happened." I ended up just acting like I had to scratch my face when I passed someone and tried to cover up my chin. And tried to not wreck again, obviously.

I only had a few scrapes, and I figured I would eventually get a few bruises. This was the third time I've worn my RoadID, which I finally just got around to purchasing. "I wonder if I can be on their website. There will be a picture of my face, all bloody and fugly, and I'll be so glad I was wearing my RoadID." (Un)Fortunately, they probably won't think this was that serious.

When I got home, Brandon cleaned up all of my scrapes for me, which made me feel much better.

Then he texted all of his friends and family, "This was what happened when Allison tried to cut my allowance".

I'm at work now, trying to act like a serious pharmacist with a Band-Aid on my chin.

In conclusion, the bike is fine, my shirt is fine, and I'm fine except for the fact that my face is jacked up and everyone is staring.


They are not really staring but I feel like being dramatic.

At least one good thing will come of this- Brandon is really good at taking care of me when I am sick or injured. And I am really really good at milking it for all it's worth.

He's already brought me lunch today and offered to ice my knee for me while I sit on the couch tonight and watch whatever I want.

I'll probably even a get ginormous serving of fro-yo, and not feel guilty at all. Because everyone needs ice cream when they (almost-but-not-really) get injured.


  1. Oh my gosh that would be so so scary! I'm glad you're ok! And no judgment here. All I thought was your poor chin! All through college I always debated getting a bike, but I figured I'd be too vain to wear a helmet and too scared to not wear one. Glad you had one!

    1. I will admit- when I first started riding, I didn't wear one. I didn't think I needed one since I wasn't going that fast and wasn't around many cars or on busy streets. But one time of going down a huge hill really fast, and I wear one every time now. It is fun to go that fast with a helmet, and very scary without! I actually wrecked my bike when I was in college too, but luckily it was into grass so no injuries then :)

  2. I'm glad you're okay! And I'm glad your awesome shirt is okay--after I read that you weren't totally mangled and beat up, my concern shifted over to that awesome shirt!

    I've been contemplating getting a road bike so I can ride with my husband, but my biggest fear is eating concrete on my first ride and never getting on my bike again. :-/


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