Sunday, January 29, 2012

I Froze My Thorns Off For a 5k!

I had considered participating in the Nike Virtual Half-Marathon on January 14th, but I decided in the "brutal" winter weather we are having here in TN, settling for a 5k sounds much nicer. Naturally, I chose the Freeze Your Thorns Off 5k since it was free and I didn't have to travel anywhere in the cold weather.

Kelly and I headed out the door bright and early (especially for a Sunday) to run at 8am, since we both had to go to work later that morning. It was a brisk 35*  Anniston was really excited for her mommy and her Aunt Allie. You can tell from the glorious spit bubble.

 We ventured over to our favorite running spot for a run that was pretty much exactly like every other run we've done together recently, except this time we had these cool bibs on our shirts.

I'm pretty sure all the rich folks in the neighborhood thought we were nuts, casually jogging around with bibs on our shirts like we were in a race. Kelly and I are both getting over a nasty, nasal-y cold-and-cough-thing.

Brandon decided to be a bandit racer at the last minute. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere in the official race rules that having frozen snot automatically earned you 1st place.  I looked over at him about half way through, and from the amount of glistening around his nasal area, I knew he had won (and I'm not talking about sweat). I only wish I had my camera.

Also, I got to wear my super awesome purple sunglasses for the second time, which, like I said they would, made me feel like a cool person and a fast runner. I am only one of those things, and it's not a fast runner.

Anyways, despite all the coughing, snot, and useless bibs, we had a lot of fun. Thanks, Adam, for hosting!

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