Thursday, January 5, 2012

Right Now

I saw this post on Handbags and Hairbows who saw it at Little Moments Like This and thought it would be fun!

Right now I am...

watching: Harry Potter, of course! It has become my new "bedtime movie." Harry and Hermione just had their best "best friends" scene ever. Tears.

eating: Cereal! Right now my fav is Special K Chocolate Delights, or something like that...

drinking: Warm Apple Cider! I've gone through this stuff so fast- so happy that my grandmother gave us a Kuerig for Christmas!

wearing: Pajamas- JCrew polka dot (of course) shorts and my long sleeve shirt that I wore under my scrubs today = totally cute look that I have going on

avoiding: I'd rather not say- because then I won't be avoiding it anymore, and that defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?

feeling: Satisfied... I've completed 4 days so far of my project 365, and some of the pics of Anniston turned out so cute IMO! 
....And also a bit hungry, since I'm not actually eating the cereal just yet, I'm waiting until after I finish this to eat it.

             But, back to the pictures. You want examples, you say? Of course!

missing: My husband. I've been working a lot lately, and he fell asleep tonight right after I came home. :(

thankful: for many things, but I'm at this very moment I'm thankful that my little Phoebekins is soooo sweet and cuddly.

weather: Completely horrible. I'm SO ready for Winter to be over. I need at least 55+ degrees.  (Ok, that's a bit dramatic but that's how I feel about it!)

praying: That things turn out for the best. Something big might be changing soon... and it's going to be scary!

needing: to do something productive. Clean. Organize. Clean out. Run. Just something I can mark off a list, and calm my nerves.

I can't wait until this weekend. Gonna spend some QT with Brandon, go for a run with Kelly, get to play with Anniston, and might even get to see my friend, Jodi!

loving: my full version of my Lightroom software that B bought be for Christmas, and my camera bag that Kelly gave me. I love how Lightroom organizes and easily exports my photos most of all, and it's pretty good at editing them too!

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