Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm Pretty Sure This Weekend Couldn't Have Been More Perfect

I started off with a "4" day weekend, except the fact that I had to go into the office for my first meeting about my new job on Friday morning! Which I didn't mind that much, of course. Friday night, we went to play trivia, and had a blast!

Saturday, Kelly and I went to run in the morning, and did three miles. We played with Anniston all day, which was so much fun. She's really changed a lot in the last few weeks, days even. I would blow raspberries on her belly, and she would just squeal and giggle and smile so big!

Saturday afternoon, the Olympic Marathon trials came on TV, and Kelly and I watched them in awe. I was so excited that both of my favorites won! 

I am so excited for them, and so excited for the Summer Olympics 2012!

Saturday night, Brandon and I drove to Jackson to visit with my best friends, their husbands, and of course, baby Jax.

Sunday, Kelly and I pumped out an awesome 4 miler!  We played with Anniston more that afternoon, and she smiled at me, when I was just smiling at her. She's been smiling at Kelly for simply walking into the room for weeks, but this is the first time she's smiled at me just for being me. It melted my heart. 

Finally, there was good football on TV, and Daniel Radcliffe on SNL. Perfect, I'm telling you! Smiles from baby Anniston, good runs, good friends, and Harry Potter?!? 

Absolutely Perfect. 

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