Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Starting Off With A Bang

The new year has been eventful so far!

Mostly, it's been the same busy schedule of working, trying to fit in runs, and playing with Anniston.

But last Thursday, I got some exciting news... I'm going to be the new Patient Care Specialist for my pharmacy! I about hit the floor when I got the news, because I really wasn't expected to be chosen. The job entails lots more one-on-one time with patients, including MTM's, screenings, diabetes classes, and more, which is pretty much my dream job!

I can't start until they find someone to replace me at my store, so it still doesn't feel real to me. Brandon and I did attempt to "celebrate", but since we are old, and I was tired and didn't feel like fighting crowds or staying out late, we decided to go see Sherlock Holmes at Studio on the Square, our fav low-key theater.

We'll plan a little better once I actually start, and go to one of our favorite restaurants- I'm thinking Old Venice!

I also celebrated for myself a 'lil by finally breaking down and purchasing something I've wanted for a while. I bought a Stem Time Command, which is kind of like an iHome in that it plays music from your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. This one also has an alarm clock with some pretty cool features, my favorite being that you can control your bedside lamp with it! That's right- when I press "Sleep" it plays my fav combo of rain, distant thunder, and train noises, AND turns off my lamp for me. When it's time to wake up, it gradually increases the volume on "Bella's Lullaby" and slowly turns the light from the lamp on. It's like the sunrise!

I also love that it tells the weather right on the screen- something I always want to know right when I wake up, so that I can decide if I want to go run.

I figure I totally needed this... things are about to change drastically, and I need my beauty sleep to function my best!

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