Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday!


 I'm still loving the Keurig my grandmother bought us for Christmas... Brandon and Evan have been drinking coffee like crazy, and I've been downing the Apple Cider, and my new favorite... Dark Hot Chocolate! mmmm!


Running! Something magic happened when Kelly and I started running together again- I started pushing myself to go faster. We've been improving on our times, and even Tuesday morning when I was running by myself I went faster! It has been really nice not training for a half marathon, not worrying about needing to increase mileage, and being perfectly happy with just running 3 or 4 miles. It gives me a chance to work on speed!


New running shoes! And the Nike Outlet. Hooray for Nike Frees, which sometimes hurt my feet, but are so lightweight and therefore make it so much easier to run!


Stem Connect... and sleep noise apps on my iPad. It just makes me happy to go to sleep to rain, thunder and a crackling fire every night. And wake up to Bella's Lullaby every morning.


Getting organized! I've been working on this resolution, and have marked several more "areas" of the house off of my list of things to clean out/organize. I've done the bookshelf, my armoire, the kitchen junk drawer, the pantry, the dining room, my nightstand, and my desk recently. It feels so good!


Eating better. I finally made myself get out of holiday eating mode and get back to reality. I've been taking water in a re-usable container, making salads for lunch, and taking fruit and nuts for snacks. Now if only I could make all the candy in the pharmacy disappear. Sigh.... I guess I'll have to muster up some more will power to tackle that problem. 


  1. Did you go to the Nike outlet here in Memphis?? I have never been....

    1. Yes! If you need workout or lounge clothes, it is awesome! Pants are usually $19.99, shirts are $9.99-$19.99, and shoes are never more than $59.99, and that's the most recent ones! I've bought some pairs for $40!

  2. I Love my Keurig! I seriously use it every morning!


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