Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm Back In Business!

I've been going a little crazy the past few days...

First off all, my Lightroom trial expired. I was without my favorite photo organizing and editing software for a whole 3 days! I attempted to purchase the student version of Lightroom (with Brandon's student status) but since Adobe has terrible customer service and was taking forever to verify it, I just caved and purchased it at full price.

Also, last week, I purchased some additional RAM for my Macbook, and it arrived on Tuesday.  I decided to wait until the RAM was installed to even bother working on my photos- Lightroom takes up a huge amount of Ram for me!

Finally, I have a faster computer thanks to my new RAM, and I'm back in full swing with Lightroom. I have the first few days of my Project 365 photos posted, plus some new pics of Anniston posted at Flickr. Here's one of my favorites!

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