Monday, January 30, 2012

Motivate Yourself Mondays!

Link up and motivate yourself to finish your to-do list this week, or accomplish your #1 goal for the week.

(FYI- I did pretty good on last weeks goals. I ran FIVE times, took and edited all my pics, failed on the studying 1,2,3 Digital Photography book, but instead I revamped my entire blog! You like?)

This week, I'm really focusing on eating healthy. I haven't been doing so hot on the drinking more water thing, so to make it easy on myself, I went on a shopping spree at Target and bought this pretty purple filtered water jug! How can I resist using this, right? I'm hoping since cold, clean water will always be available to me, I'll stop with the constant purchasing of Vitamin Waters. Which are good, but get expensive and waste plastic (Even though we recycle).
As you might can tell, I need to work on drinking less Diet Mt. Dew/Diet Coke... I'll work on that another week. :)

I am also working on continuing to pack healthy lunches for work! Must make a visit to the grocery to stock up on more fresh fruits and veggies. 

I also really want to get into some sort of strength training... I will be doing more important Pinterest research on my days off to find/make the perfect one for my schedule, similar to this. 

You get the idea. 

And, because I love organization and schedules, I'm thinking about implementing an official cleaning schedule as well. Something similar to this:

I already try to clean a room a day, or do one cleaning chore a day (dust, sweep, etc.) but having it written down like this just makes me happy!

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  1. What a good idea for a link up! I definitely want to do this next week!



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